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Web Design For Small Business

I specialize in building high converting, market-leading websites that are not only functional but also help businesses stand out from the crowd.
The two biggest challenges most businesses face are raising awareness of their brand and driving traffic to their website.
Your website needs to look good; that’s a given. However, I understand that there’s much more to it than just creating a beautiful shop window.
My services go beyond just the pages themselves.
Please take a look below at what I offer, and feel free to reach out to me at any time to discuss your needs. I’m just a 5-minute conversation or an email away, and I’m always here to help.
Basic Website Popular
  • All Inclusive 2 page website for your Start up Business.
  • Package includes
  • - 1 year Hosting
  • - 1 year Domain
  • - Responsive Design
  • - WordPress Template
  • - Theme installation & basic setup
  • - 3 plugins included
  • - 3 revisions


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Standard Websites
  • Custom built website with multiple pages. Package does not include hosting nor domain.(Can be added to cost if prefered)
  • - Video Meetings
  • - Advise on Solutions
  • - Mockup Wireframes
  • - Mobile Responsiveness
  • - E-Commerce
  • - Booking
  • - Blog
  • -Plugins
  • - Addons

from £299

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Website Makeover
  • No need to redesign the wheel, if it's a case of modifying the brand, the look, or functionality.
  • - Video Meetings
  • - Advise on Solutions
  • - Mockup Wireframes
  • - Web Design
  • - Mobile Responsiveness
  • - E-Commerce Addons
  • - Booking Addons
  • - Blog Addons

from £199

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Care Package
  • Our packages are to ensure that your website is maintained so that you can carry on with running your business.
  • - WordPress Updates
  • - Plugin Updates
  • - Backups Maintained
  • - Plugin Settings
  • - Site Revisions



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